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This next episode will be entitled "Coming Attractions" and will star such icons of this era as Wiley the wily Pilot, The Leader of all Nintendonia, several members of the Boston Pops Orchestra, and of course, the dynamic Dynamo Dog.



	"Shut up Dynamo." said the Nintendonian leader because Dynamo was talking again,

something that nobody really liked.

	"I was only trying to explain why, although nonexistent, Ira the Invisible Iguana is an

integral element of my existence." Dynamo was, in fact, unaware that a problem that could not 

be solved by his fake friend was quickly coming up behind them.  It was the biggest spaceship

that was ever invented!  The inventor was Terry the Tasteless Toucan, the most tasteless 

toucan from Teldon.  Now, nobody knows what Terry the Toucan tastes like, (although Timon 

the Terrible Tortoise tried to taste him) he just does not have a superb sense of style.

	Look out Dynamo, said the narrator.  But Dynamo could not hear the narrator because 

the narrator wasn't there.

	"Look out Dynamo!" said Wiley the Pilot. "That buggering bird brain is back with a big 

blob of a ship."  

	"That doesn't look like a ship to me.  It just looks like a big blob in space." said Dynamo 

"Anyway, back to Ira."

	"Everybody into the Yoshcraft!" interrupted Wiley.  They all got into the Yoshcraft and 

flew away from Terry the Tasteless Toucan's ship.  On the way, Dynamo happened to 

comment on the nonexistence of the Yoshcraft due to immense explosion.  Wiley pointed out 

that this was an untimely observation as they plummeted back toward the planet.  

	"Don't worry," said Dynamo "This gravity isn't that high.  We probably won't feel a 

thing when we. . ."  They all hit the ground at a lixivating lick.

	". . .land?" moaned the Nintendonian Leader.  A huge shadow the size of something 

really big fell over them.  Perched on the shoulder of his robotic servant, Steve, who stepped 

out of the sizable ship slowly but surely, Terry the Tasteless Toucan spoke smartly. 

	"You vill come wiv mee onto my sheep, ver you vill be interrogated by my assistant 

Blade. He vill ask you several kvestions val beating you wiv a frozen poodle.  Iv you do not 

refeel ze information ve reekfire, you vil be deshtroyed."

	"I think that ve," said Dynamo to the others, "should make a hasty exit."

	"Agreed!" they all said retreating quickly toward the isolation room.  Outside, Terry 

fluttered off the shoulder of sturdy Steve the servant and talked aloud to himself."

	"It eez no matter.  I vil capture zem, and ven I do, I vil obtain all eenformation I reekfire.  

I vil be inveencible!  Nozzink in ze vurld can shtop me now!!!"  Terry Toucan squaked for 

several seconds before being interrupted by an inconceivable incident.  Out of the sky had 

dropped a large stage upon which the Boston Pops orchestra was playing.  The salacious stage 

squashed surly Steve the servant and the sizeable ship.  Terry squaked angrily.  "Zis vus not 

supposed to happen!  Ver did zat stage come vrom?!"

	"I hope you don't mind," said Dynamo, enacting a heroic stance upon bursting out of 

the isolation room.  "I took the liberty of inviting a few of my friends over a nice cold glass of 

Lipton Tea.  I'm so sorry, they seemed to have slightly damaged your ship."  noted Dynamo, 

surveying the crushed cruiser.  "Perhaps they'll play you a tune to make up for it!"

	"Noooo!"  cried Terry the Tasteless Toucan, "I cannot zdand zees music!  Make it 

shtop!  Make it SHTOP!!!"  Fluttering, several fuzzy feathers fluttered from his body onto the 

ground.  Dynamo watched as Terry flew madly in circles before lodging himself inside a tuba, 

suffocating the unfortunate musician.  With one final blow, Terry the Tasteless Toucan was 

shot swiftly into space, never to return.  

	Slowly, the hapless inhabitants of the impromptu isolation environment stepped out 

beside the stage.  "It was lucky you were able to book the Boston Pops on such short notice 

Dynamo," said Wiley,  "but the loss of their tuba player will surely convince them to never let 

you do a show again." 

	"Yes, that is unfortunate." said Dynamo turning to the troubled orchestra members 

who were now gazing threateningly at him.  "Well, sorry you can't stay, you must be in an 

awful rush, I'll just see you to the exit, bye!"  Said Dynamo, pressing a button on his television 

remote control.  All of a sudden, an earthquake engulfed the enigmatic orchestra before they 

could orchestrate an offensive.  

	"Now why do you suppose that happened?" asked the Nintendonian Leader, cocking his 

head to one side.  Dynamo shot a stare sideways to Wiley.  "I have no idea."  he said 

innocently, pocketing his remote.  Wiley rolled his eyes.

	As they all went inside, a molting toucan could be seen escaping into the darkness.  As 

he slipped swiftly away he said, "I vill be back......."

                                          THE END

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