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Dynamo Dog is Delirious

	Once there was a futuristic super dog called Dynamo.  His quest was to fly around the 

universe looking for problems to solve.  When we last saw Dynamo, he had (sort of) saved 

the Nintendonians from the dastardly toxic Oobleck and the Segagins who left it there.  The 

mission was later called the PB&J (or Peanut Butter and Jelly) Fiasco.  The Nintendonians 

are eternally grateful to Dynamo Dog for saving their lives.  (It was really quite a fortunate 

accident, but Dynamo thought he was a hero and so did everyone else, so it was really no 

big deal).

	Anyway, when we last left Dynamo, he was flying away from Nintendonia, bashing 

into asteroids the whole way.  Suddenly, Dynamo spots something out of the corner of his 

eye.  It is the Evil Ernie Eagle!  He is terrorizing the inhabitants of Atariland.  His fiends, the 

Spunky Sparky Sparrows dove into Atariland and blew up, destroying many of the 8 bit 

structures.  Dynamo could not let this go on!  He had to stop his nemesis from taking over 

the planet.

	"Stop evil doers!" he yelled.  "You will never do any wrong again!"

	Ernie Eagle was very, very mad!  "Squawk, Squawk!" he said.  He dove at Dynamo 

Dog and stabbed him with his beak and killed him!  "There!" said the Evil Ernie Eagle.  I have 

destroyed my absolute pet peeve nemesis, Dynamo Dog!"

	"Ooh!" said Spunky Sparky Sparrow, "You said it once!"

	"Said what once?"

	"Dynamo Dog.  Oops!  That's twice!"

	"What will happen if I say Dynamo Dog three times you stupid bird brain?!  I really, 

really dislike you.  You must die."

	"Look out Ernie Eagle!" said Spunky Sparky Sparrow as his existence hastily halted.

	"Oh no!"  said the Evil Ernie Eagle.  "Now I remember what happens if I say Dynamo 

Dog three times after he dies!  He must. . ."

	". . .come back to life!  Yes!  That is right my evil pet peeve nemesis, Ernie Eagle!  It is 

I, Dynamo Dog!"  And it was!  Dynamo had come back to life and now the Nintendonians 

were coming to help their Atarian neighbors.  Dynamo got into his high powered, nuclear 

reactor filled, technologically advanced. . .Soapbox racer with wings!  It however, seemed to 

have a mind of its own and flew around blowing up all sorts of different, stupid things.  It 

blew up several asteroids, a Segagen ice cream stand, and even a pencil!  The pieces of 

asteroid severely damaged the Nintendonian ship and destroyed several Spunky Sparky 


	"Oh my *@!#$@# Dog!" yelled Dynamo Dog calmly.  I must get control of the PB&J!!

	"The what?" yelled Wiley, the captain of the Yoshcraft, the Nintendonian ship.

	"My soapbox racer with wings is called the PB&J.  That means peanut butter and jelly.  

I named it that after the. . ."

	"Yes, yes I know.  After the Peanut Butter and Jelly Fiasco, the one where we. . ."

	"Yes, yes I know.  The one where we defeated the Segagens with our sandwiches, 

peanut butter and jelly sandwiches no less, and shipped out the Oobleck in the Yoshcraft.  

But anyway, we should really. . ."

	"Yes, yes I know.  We should really quit talking so we can get back to the story and 

fight off the Evil Ernie Eagle and his slew of Spunky Sparky Sparrows."  Suddenly, several 

Spunky Sparky Sparrows slapped silly several stupid citizens of Atariland.

	"We had better go and destroy all those stupid Spunky Sparky Sparrows before they 

bash the butts off those beer bellied bums from Atariland."

	"Yes, of course." remarked Wiley the wily pilot.

	All of a sudden, the Evil Ernie Eagle swooped swiftly by Dynamo Dog.  Dynamo Dog 

dived out of the way and hopped hastily into his PB&J.  Then, without warning, Wiley washed 

Wednesday's wine right down the drain!

	"Hey!" yelled Dynamo Dog.  "That could have come in handy!"

	"I'm appalled at this abundance of annoying alliteration!"  the pilot pleasantly put.

	"Did you know that I have never, ever, ever in my long legged life seen a long legged 

sailor and his long legged wife?" said Dynamo.

	"That is amazing!" cried the Nintendonian leader.  "I too have never, ever, ever in my 

long legged life seen a long legged sailor and his long legged wife!"

	"Aha!  Then we have something in common after all!"

	Meanwhile, a new threat was approaching.  It was the Elusive Eddie Electric Eel!  And 

now the Spunky Sparky Sparrows and the Slimy Shocky Slithers adjoined in an electric 

explosion!  This was not good for Atariland or our hero the dynamic Dynamo Dog!  Now the 

Evil Ernie Eagle and the Elusive Eddie Eel adjoined to eliminate everyone!  (Vast Vocabulary 

required to alliterate abundantly).  Then Dynamo had an absolutely antagonizing idea.

	"This plan is powerful as well as punctual!  It could be catastrophically crazy and 

logically lost, but it has cool charisma!  Everyone listen!  I have to unveil my plan to eliminate 

the Evil Ernie Eagle and the Elusive Eddie Eel!  My plan is. . .oh no."

	"Oh no what?!" yelled the Atarians.

	"I forgot what my plan was but I know it had something to do with cottage cheese."

	"NO!" they all cried.  "Cottage cheese is the eighth Wonder of the World!"

	"Oh yeah." said Dynamo.  He sheepishly subsided.

	Dynamo pondered.  What was his plan, and what did it have to do with cottage 

cheese?  And how would he defeat his demented enemies?  And most importantly of all, 

why did he have the theme song from Full House stuck in his head?  Why. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

. . . ??????


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