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Dynamo Dog and the Oobleck

	Somewhere in futuristic space, Dynamo Dog went searching for problems.  He found one as he smacked into an asteroid.  

Recovering, he surveyed the landscape of the nearby planet of Nintendonia.  Suddenly, Dynamo spotted a sticky, shiny, green, 

gooey substance that dries out, regenerates, and is pressure sensitive!  It is the dreaded, and toxic, Oobleck!
        "Ooh blech!" said Dynamo.  Then he noticed the people of the capital city of Nintendonia calling for help.  After he 

came down to the surface, the Nintendonians told him how the evil people of the planet Segagen had attacked, burned their 

houses, stolen all the gold coins, and left behind the regenerating Oobleck to finish them off.
        "All the gold coins, gone!" wailed the Nintendonian Leader.  Dynamo thought for many, many nanoseconds until it hit him!
        "Ouch!  That meteorite really broke my concentration.  Could I borrow some superglue?"  Suddenly, Dynamo had a brilliant 

idea.  "I'VE GOT IT!"  said Dynamo aloud.

	"Well, what is it?"

	"An idea!"

	"Yes, we know," answered the Nintendonian Leader.  "What is the idea?"

	"Remember the Golden rule!?"

	"The what?"

	"The Golden Rule!  The Golden Rule clearly states that. . . that. . .oh no. "


	"I just forgot it, but I know it has something to do with cottage cheese."  Dynamo was distraught.  He was just about 

to reach for a Lipton Tea  to clear his thoughts when one of the Nintendonians spoke up.

	"I know, we could get in the Yoshcraft and attack the Segagens like they did to us!  They'd never expect an attack 

from us so soon.  With the element of surprise, they wouldn't stand a chance!"

	"Hmm," thought Dynamo.  "Do unto others. . . oh yeah!  That was the Golden Rule.  Cottage cheese is the eighth wonder

of the world."  They all agreed that this was the best thing they could do and in no time they were flying, in the right 

direction, to Segagen.

	Unfortunately for Dynamo and the Nintendonians, the element of surprise was out, for the evil leader of Segagen had 

been watching everything on an RCA Home Theater Television Entertainment System equipped with a handy satellite receiver device. 

"Those annoying Nintendonians have bothered me for the last time!  This means war!"

	"Like, duh man," said his assistant, Spike.  Flinging a jagged dagger into Spike's shoulder, the Segagen leader 

threatened, "This is not a time for jokes.  One more crack out of you and this dagger goes through the nose!"

	"Like, majorly clogged sinuses, dude!" laughed Spike as he ran out the door, the dagger just missing his head.

	"Beep beep!  Beep beep!  The horn went beep, beep, beep!   Everybody now!  Beep beep..."  The Nintendonians were getting 

pretty bored at this point and Dynamo's attempts to lighten the mood were definitely not helping. Dynamo had not realized how 

mind-numbingly slow the Nintendonian ship was, and began to wonder if the element of surprise would still be valid when they 

arrived at Segagen in 3 months.

	Meanwhile the Segagens were preparing for battle, if it could be called preparing.  Nevertheless they were doing something...

	"Yo, Spike!"


	"Yeah You!  Gimme another beer, would ya?  And this time don't shake it first!"

	"Forget you!"

	"Hey, man!  Play ya pool!"

	"Which one of y'all is talkin' to me?  There's like four of you there. . . oh man. . .hold on, I think I'm gonna be sick!"

Anyway, with wild parties and chants of bring on the dweebs, the Segagens drunk till they dropped.

	Eventually, the Nintendonians got to within a kilometer of Segagen and began to wake up. The pilot pushed a button on the 

console and out of the launcher came a high powered, technologically advanced. . . peanut butter and jelly sandwich!  "Oops!  

Wrong button." he said.  The pilot then proceeded to load the torpedoes.  "Judging by their intelligence, or lack thereof, and the

Segagens' preference of alcoholic beverages compared to the leading brand of soft drinks, I've put an alcohol sensor on each of the 

Yoshcraft's torpedoes, thereby enabling. . ."

	"Would you just get on with it!" interrupted the Nintendonian Leader.   "So the torpedoes are attracted to beer!  Great!  

Fire away!"  The pilot fired three torpedoes, making quite a dent in their defenses.  "Good!  Excellent! Fire again!"  This time, 

however, the Segagens were prepared, and intercepted their fire with missiles of their own.

	"The torpedoes are no longer effective!  That means I'll have to push the button I hoped I'd never have to push!"

	"Oh no!" cried the Nintendonians.  "What is it!?"

	The sunroof," he said with a smile.

	"Damn it!  This is no time for jokes!  We have to get the gold coins back and stop the Oobleck problem back home!  

How is a stupid sunroof going to help us?!"

	"Wait a minute," Dynamo interceded.  "That's just given me a brilliant idea!  Thanks, Wiley!"

	"No prob, Bob!"

	"It's Dynamo Dog, actually.  Anyway, this Oobleck can dry out, right?"

	"Eventually, yes."

	"Well, lets speed up the process!"


	"All you'll have to do is fire a strategically timed missile into your sun, creating a solar flare that will burn 

the Oobleck to a crisp within seconds!  Of course, this means your summer could last a few extra years and you'll  all have 

to wear sunglasses for a while . . . and you might want to evacuate the planet first . . . but those are just a few minor 

side effects."

	"That's brilliant!" cried the Nintendonian Leader.

	"Really!?  Well don't quote me on it anyway..."

	"Woah, baby!" interrupted the pilot.

	"What is it, Wiley?"

	"That missile was a little too close for comfort!  Next time we won't be so lucky!"
	"Fire!  Fire right now!"
	"O.K., O.K, here goes. . . oops!"  Several hundred peanut butter and jelly sandwiches came flying out of the cargo 

hold and zoomed toward the surface of Segagen.

	"You idiot, Wiley!" cried the Nintendonian Leader.

	"No, wait!  Look at that!"  said Wiley as he noticed a huge explosion on the planet's surface.

	"Oh my Dog!  Do it again." said the disbelieving Nintendonian Leader.

	 Wiley pressed the same button and several hundred more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches zoomed to the surface.  

There was another huge explosion and a large white flag could be seen rising on the planet's surface.

	The Segagens had surrendered!  The Nintendonians retrieved the gold coins and set triumphantly off for home.  When 

they returned, they held a ceremony in honor of Dynamo Dog and presented him with the key to the city.  Dynamo then made a 

short speech.

	"I would like to thank the people of Nintendonia for this great honor."

	"Hooray!" they all cried.

	"This is really a surprise to me because I don't really know what the heck I did." This was followed by even more cheers.

Dynamo stepped off the podium and was stopped by the Nintendonian Leader. 

	"We were pretty lucky, weren't we?  I mean with the jelly in those sandwiches. . ."

	". . .Yeah, and the atomic reaction with the Segagen soil and all that stuff.  Who would've thought, huh?"

	"Yes.  Well anyway, I'd like to personally thank you for your help in the fight against the Segagens."

	"Oh, it was nothing really. . ."

	"And I do hope you'll stay to see your wonderful plan to get rid of the Oobleck put into action."  Dynamo's broad 

grin quickly faded.

	"You're using my plan?!"
	"Of course!  It was brilliant!"

	"Umm. . ." started Dynamo nervously.  "I've think I've got. . . other . . .planets to save.  Yes!  That's it!" said

Dynamo, now brimming with counterfeit confidence.  "I'm sorry I can't stick around here, but there are other worlds out 

there that need me!  You'll just have to burn up the Oobleck after I'm gone."  Dynamo began edging toward his spaceship.

	"Nonsense!  They'll be firing the missile anytime now!  Surely you can stay a few more minutes!"

	"Anytime now, you say?  Well. . . gotta-go-bye!"  Dynamo hopped quickly into his ship and sped off quickly into space.

	"How curious. . ." said the Nintendonian Leader. 
	Meanwhile, Dynamo was flying away from Nintendonia as quickly as he could.  

	"Whew, that was close!" he said.  All of a sudden, Dynamo heard a huge explosion.  Checking out his rear-view mirror he

saw the planet, now half covered in flames, and winced.  

	"Hope they had some good sunblock cream. . ."  Dynamo shrugged and continued to fly off, smashing into asteroids the 

whole way.
                                                                   THE END

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