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Jim and the School Supplies Aisle

         Jim was walking in the store so he could buy some food. Jim had never been to this store before so he asked an employee where they kept the food. The lady said they kept the food everywhere except aisle nine. Jim got the cart and went down the aisles, putting food in his cart. When his cart was full, he went over to the door. A man in a blue suit told him he had to go pay for his food. While Jim was going over to the checkout line, he became curious why they didn't have food in aisle nine.
         Jim went over to aisle nine and peered around the corner. When he walked along the aisle he saw all sorts of things. But then he saw some things that scared him. He stepped back and yelled in fright as he saw rolls of tape, chalk, and even pens! When Jim turned around, he ran into the Aim n' Flame display, setting several of them off. Jim caught on fire and ran around screaming and burning and burning and screaming until he fainted on top of the school supplies. Jim was banned from the store and he never ever got to taste a Twinkie.

Jim and the Pen Jim and the Sock

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