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Jim and the Shoelace

         Jim was running down the road in a terrible state. He knew that he must be late for his therapy appointment. Jim looked at his watch and he wasn't surprised to see that it was broken. Not being able to tell the time made Jim very nervous. He had to find a way to get to his appointment on time. Then, Jim saw a bus stop off in the distance.
         Jim was moving very quickly toward the bus stop when he tripped and fell flat on his face. Jim stumbled to his feet and continued until he tripped again and ran straight into a man, whose briefcase came open, sending paper flying everywhere. Jim had no time to apologize to the man and continued on before falling again. Then Jim realized that his shoelaces had come untied, but as he bent down to tie them he noticed the bus approaching. Jim fumbled with his laces, but they would not tie. Throwing off his shoes in disgust, Jim sprinted to the bus. Unfortunately, the driver would not let Jim on without shoes and he ran around screaming and searching and searching and screaming until he fainted, the bus pulling away, leaving him lying in a filthy cloud of smog.

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