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Here are my reviews of a couple of Red Dwarf books that I have read. Feel free to submit your own opinions on them.

Here is a list of books I plan to review:

  1. Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers
  2. Red Dwarf Programme Guide
  3. Red Dwarf: Better than Life
  4. Backwards
  5. The Last Human

This book provides some information prior to the beginning of the series as well as better explaining events in the show leading to the destruction of the ship. It also attempts to help the show's constant continuity problems such as the number of people actually aboard Red Dwarf. After that, the book basically covers the first two seasons of the show, even if several events are in a somewhat different order. Overall, this book has something for old and new fans of the series. However, you will probably enjoy this book a lot more if you are a big fan of the series and can stand some of the rambling content. 8/10

This book is a lot of fun, although not really essential to the Red Dwarf fan. Many have already commented on the length of the basically useless index so we'll skip that. Most of the rest of the book is taken up with lengthy descriptions of each episode as well as other information, including: Cast list, Airdate, and some behind the scenes information. This, as well as the introduction to each season, is the best part of this book. Basically, if you are a die hard fan of this series, you should probably get your hands on a copy of this book. But the casual fan probably won't find much of interest here. 9/10

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