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Jim and the Can Opener

         Jim was pacing back and forth when he heard a strange sound. He looked around until he realized that it was a rumbling in his stomach. Jim went to the kitchen to get something to eat, but when he opened the refrigerator, all he could see was a jar of wheat germ and a brown lettuce leaf. Jim rushed around frantically opening cupboards but there was nothing to be found. Then Jim noticed an unlabeled can on the floor out of the corner of his eye.
         Jim picked up the can and rushed over to the electric can opener. He plugged it in and tried to open the can but the blade would not cut it. Jim tried to move the can up to the blade when the power surged and the blade cut his finger. Jim cried out with rage and got out the meat tenderizer and beat the blade into the can. He tried it again and could not believe it when it worked. Wrenching the can free, he greedily dumped the contents into his mouth. Unfortunately it was cat food and Jim ran around screaming and gagging and gagging and screaming until he fainted, the can open shorting out and burning as he fell.

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