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Jim and the Washing Machine

         Jim was walking in his dream when he walked into a six foot deep puddle. Waking up, Jim felt quite refreshed. Jim got out of bed and decided to get dressed. He went over to his closet to get some clothes but they were not there because they were scattered all over his floor. Jim was tired of wearing dirty clothes so he decided to go to the Laundromat.
         Jim put all his clothes in a bag and dragged them very slowly toward the Laundromat. When he got there, he asked the man where they kept the washing machines. The man said the washing machines were everywhere and to find one himself. Jim put his clothes in one and inserted the change but the machine would not start. He kicked it and hit it, but still it would not start. Jim peered inside to see what was wrong. Unfortunately, some water had leaked onto the floor and Jim slipped inside, bumping his head on the back. Then the manager thought Jim had forgotten and closed his door for him. Forty minutes later, Jim burst out of the machine and ran around screaming and foaming and foaming and screaming until he fainted amongst his bleached and shrunken clothes.

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