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Jim and the Recycling Center

         Jim was running around his house searching for money to buy a new lawnmower. He searched and searched until he had gone through his entire house, finding only three dollars and sixty-seven cents. Then Jim realized that he had found a lot of empty cans around his house and he decided that there were enough of them to get money for a new lawnmower.
         Jim got a moving van and piled in the immense mountains of aluminum cans. Jim climbed into the van and was relieved when it started without problems. Driving down the road to the Recycling Center, Jim came to the dark realization that he was again operating heavy machinery which would invariably turn against him with horrific consequences. Panicking, Jim hit the brakes and slid into a passing petroleum truck, sending both vehicles crashing inside the Recycling Center. Jim jumped out of the van and saw that oil had leaked everywhere. Sparks flew from the ruined machinery and Jim, quickly realizing the danger, decided that this would be an opportune time to exit the building. Jim ran out screaming and slipping and slipping and screaming until he fainted, the Recycling Center exploding behind him, taking with it Jim's best chance for a new lawnmower.

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