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Jim and the Lawnmower

         Jim was strolling up to his house enjoying the beautiful sunny day. Stepping briskly into his yard, Jim realized that he had been plunged into a never ending world of darkness. Jim concluded that his grass was getting a bit too high. Jim pushed his way slowly through the long shoots of grass until he finally reached the shed. Opening it, Jim found his gasoline powered lawnmower.
         Jim filled the mower with gas and pulled the cord and pulled the cord and pulled the cord until he was red in the face. Enraged, he gave it one final tug and the engine turned over and started. Jim made his way slowly through the gargantuan grass, the mower cutting slower and slower until it stopped. Jim realized it was clogged and turned it over on it's side. He pulled out the obstruction and the blades spun into action, splattering his face with freshly cut clippings. Jim growled and slammed the mower down right on top of a tennis ball which rocketed straight into a large hornet's nest. The hornets swarmed around Jim and began to sting him and Jim ran around screaming and swelling and swelling and screaming until he fainted into the dark abyss of his untended lawn.

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