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Jim and the Tape

         Jim was walking down the street when he saw a cool thing. This was probably the coolest thing that Jim had ever seen. Jim went over and looked at the thing. The thing was so cool and so cool that it was hot. Jim picked it up and dropped it again. When the cool thing hit the ground, it broke. Jim tried to find some glue to fix the cool thing but he couldn't find any.
         Jim got the scotch tape but it kept getting stuck together. The tape slipped out of his hands and a bunch more came off the roll. When trying to pick up the tape, Jim got it wrapped around his back. When he tried to get it off his back, it got wrapped all around his hands. Then, when he tried to pick his nose, his finger got stuck up it. When he reached up to try and pull his finger out of his nose, his hands got stuck together. When he finally pulled his hand out of his nose, it made his nose bleed. He ran around screaming and bleeding and bleeding and screaming until he fainted and fell on top of the cool thing and shattered it beyond repair. THE END

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