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Jim and the Chalk

         Jim was walking down the road holding the morning paper. He took out the front page and threw it away. He glanced at the sports page and then threw it away. He found the cooking section, the automobile section, and 37 advertising inserts and threw them away as well. All that Jim had left now were the funnies. This is what he had been looking for. He chuckled as he read Fox Trot. He laughed out loud after reading Dilbert. But when he came across The Fish by Joel Kathrens, he thought he had seen the most disturbed, yet funny cartoon he'd ever seen.
         He had to circle it so he would remember to cut it out later. He pulled some chalk out of his pocket, but it got all over his hand and the dust made Jim sneeze. His sneeze blew the funnies out of his hand and they were flying high above Jim's head. He held his hands and head up to try and reach for them but he instead dropped the chalk into one of his flaring nostrils. Jim ran around screaming and sneezing and sneezing and screaming, until he fainted, falling onto the ground. The funnies flapped down onto Jim, mocking his comatose state.

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