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Jim and the Toaster

         One day, Jim was walking up the stairs when he remembered he had to eat some breakfast. Jim went over to the refrigerator to look for something to eat. Jim got out the cheese but it had something green on it so he threw it away. Jim decided to have some cereal, but when he poured the milk it was filled with lumps and didn't smell nice. There seemed to be nothing left. But then Jim spotted a lone piece of bread all the way at the back.
         Jim went over to the toaster to heat the bread but when the bread came out it wasn't toasted. Plugging in the toaster, Jim put it in again but it wouldn't come out when it was done. Jim was getting hungry so he reached in to pull it out. This made Jim burn his hand. Jim became angry and hit the toaster, but the toaster wouldn't respond. Jim got out a knife and tried to get the toast, but the bread wouldn't budge. Enraged, Jim stabbed the toaster with the sharp knife and it electrocuted him. Then Jim ran around screaming and buzzing and buzzing and screaming until he fainted, the blackened bread popping up as he hit the floor.

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