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Jim and the Soda

         Jim was strolling down the street when he began to feel hungry. He reached down and rummaged in his deep pocket and pulled out a peanut butter sandwich. Unwrapping the cellophane, he bit into the sandwich and chewed greedily at the moist bread and gooey peanut butter. Finishing his sandwich, Jim suddenly became very thirsty.
         Out of the corner of his eye, Jim spotted a soda machine standing by a building. Jim went over to the soda machine and reached into his deep pocket. Jim found a dollar bill and put it in the machine. Then the machine sent the dollar back out because it was too wrinkled. Jim tried it again and the same thing happened. Now Jim was getting very thirsty indeed and he kicked the machine. Then the machine ate his dollar but would not give him a soda. Jim became very angry and he screamed at the machine and kicked it and shook it around. Finally a soda came out of the machine. Relieved, Jim opened the soda but it sprayed him in the face sending the soda down his windpipe. Jim ran around screaming and coughing and coughing and screaming until he fainted, the machine towering above him as if celebrating its victory.

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