I have only recently discovered Blake's 7. I picked up the series about midway through season 3 on a runthrough by KSPS. Since I started trading videos, I've received several episodes through mid-third season. I never had taped it before, so I still need to get the remaining episodes on tape. If you need copies of Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, or episodes of any other british comedies and have any B7 on tape, take a look at the trading forum and we could make an exchange.

In the meantime, why not check out some of the best Blake's 7 links:

The BLAKE'S 7 Library Includes episode reviews, some convention photos, and some links.

The REFLEX POINT Blake's 7 Page An episode guide, Books, pictures and links.

Adrenaline and Soma Powered Blake's 7 Pages Wonderful site that has a hilarious picture caption              contest and episode comments that make it obvious how much time has been put into this site.

Paul James' Blake's 7 Site My personal favorite Blake's 7 site. Contains MP3 sound files, tons of pics,              and a great episode guide with a special system to rate each show.

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