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Quasi-Update: April, 2002

Only the comedy portion of this list is up to date. As Tripod will not allow me to type any more text into this page, I will have to break the video trading page into at least two sections, possibly four. I have many Doctor Who episodes to add to this list, so if you don't see the one that you want, email me anyway as I might have traded for it. If you want any of these shows, I have them in tradable condition with just a few exceptions (detailed below). I now am most interested in trading for all the early Doctor Who material (seasons 1-6) that I don't have, as well as any Mythmakers Interviews or other special programs. I would also be very interested, for those of you who have a CD burner, in trading for the Big Finish Doctor Who Audio stories. I can trade anything in my music collection (which I might post later) or of course anything on my tape trade list for these.

So, if you have anything on tape (or otherwise) that I want, and you need something I have, email me and we can work out a trade-by-mail. All this will cost is the $3.50 (approx.) mailing charge, and I'll be paying the same on my end. If you have something I don't that I haven't put on my want list, email me anyway as I might be interested. Note that any episodes I purchased on video might be copy protected. I don't have a filter so if this is the case, that episode won't be available. I will also send videos for a money trade. I don't charge anything for the show itself, but I do charge actual shipping plus 2 dollars per tape and 2 dollars for time per tape. This is a good way to go if you want to start a collection, but have no episodes to trade. Anyway, here's the list:

Doctor Who Videos

William Hartnell
Episode Name Source Format Notes
The DaleksTVMovie
The Edge of DestructionTVMovie
The Keys of MarinusTVMovie
The SensoritesTVEpisodic
The AztecsTVEpisodic
The War MachinesTVMovie
The Tenth PlanetDoctor Who ReconstructionsEpisodicEpisodes 1-3 are normal while episode 4 is a reconstruction.

Patrick Troughtin
Episode Name Source Format Notes
The Tomb of the CybermenBBC VideoEpisodic
The Mind RobberTVMovie
The InvasionBBC VideoEpisodicEpisodes 1 and 4 are missing. Links provided by Nicholas Courtney.
The War GamesBBC VideoEpisodic

Jon Pertwee
Episode Name Source Format Notes
Spearhead From SpaceTVEpisodicAll episodes I have recorded off the TV have a slightly annoying KSPS (PBS) logo appearing from time to time.
Doctor Who and the SiluriansTVEpisodic & MovieBlack and White Version is episodic while the Movie version is in color (w/ a Maryland Public Television logo in the corner).
The Ambassadors of DeathTVEpisodicBlack and White
Terror of the AutonsTVsee notesI have both an Episodic and Movie format version of this story. The Episodic version is black and white and the movie version is colourized
The Mind of EvilTVEpisodicBlack and White (I don't own the 5 minute colour clip)
Claws of AxosTVEpisodicEpisodes 1 and 2 are spliced together as well as episodes 3 and 4. (forming two pseudo-double-length episodes)
Colony in SpaceTVEpisodic
The DaemonsTVEpisodicI have both a colour and a black and white version of this episode. The latter seems a bit off in sound and picture quality.
Day of the DaleksTVMovie (see notes)At this point in the series, my PBS station changed the broadcast format.
The Curse of PeladonTVMovie
The Sea DevilsTVMovie
The MutantsTVMovie
The Time MonsterTVMovie
The Three DoctorsTVMovie
Carnival of MonstersTVMovie
Frontier in SpaceTVMovie
Planet of the DaleksTVMovieThe Black and White 3rd episode is edited out of this version.
The Green DeathTVMovie
The Time WarriorTVMovie
Invasion of the DinosaursTVMovieThe Black and White 1st episode is not included.
Death to the DaleksTVMovie
The Monster of PeladonTVMovie
Planet of the SpidersTVMovie

Tom Baker
Episode Name Source Format Notes
The Ark in SpaceTVMovie
The Sontaran ExperimentTVMovie
Genesis of the DaleksTVMovie
Revenge of the CybermenTVMovie
Terror of the ZygonsTVMovie
Planet of EvilTVMovie
Pyramids of MarsTVMovie
The Android InvasionTVMovie
The Brain of MorbiusTVMovie
The Seeds of DoomTVMovie
The Masque of MandragoraTVMovie
The Hand of FearTVMovie
The Deadly AssassinTVMovie
The Face of EvilTVMovie
The Robots of DeathTVMovie
The Talons of Weng-ChiangTVMovie
Horror of Fang RockTVMovie
The Invisible EnemyTVMovie
The Image of the FendahlTVMovie
The Sun MakersTVMovie
UnderworldTVMovieBeginning with this story, there is an even more annoying KSPS logo in the corner of the screen that stays for the entire episode. After a little while it is not really noticable, but it can be a pain at first.
The Invasion of TimeTVMovieAfter recording Underworld, my VCR broke and I was forced to record this story with inferior reception. As a result there is an annoying multiple ghost on the screen.
The Ribos OperationTVMovie
The Pirate PlanetTVMovie
The Stones of BloodTVMovie
The Androids of TaraTVMovie
The Power of KrollTVMovieThis episode isn't a bad recording, it's just BAD!
The Armageddon FactorTVMovie
Destiny of the DaleksTVMovie
City of DeathTVMovie
Creature from the PitTVMovie
Nightmare of EdenTVMovieSlightly inferior quality to other stories.
The Horns of NimonTVMovie
ShadaVideo TransferEpisodicBBC Video release, includes narrating links by Tom Baker to replace missing footage not filmed due to a strike at the BBC in 1979
The Leisure HiveTVMovie
Full CircleTVMovie
State of DecayTVMovie
Warriors' GateTVMovie
The Keeper of TrakenTVMovie

Peter Davison
Episode Name Source Format Notes
Four to DoomsdayTVMovie
The VisitationTVMovie
Black OrchidTVMovie
Arc of InfinityTVMovie
SnakedanceTVMovieThis is one of my favorite episodes, but when transferring it to my other tape I hooked the VCR up wrong and didn't check to see if it had worked. By the time I noticed, I'd recorded over the original. I have an inferior copy of this; watchable, but not tradable
Mawdryn UndeadTVMovie
The King's DemonsTVMovie
The Five DoctorsBBC Video/TVMovieThe BBC Video is the original release of the programme while the TV version has a couple of insignificant added scenes.
Warriors of the DeepTVMovieNot tradable, as I'm missing the first five minutes of the program
The AwakeningTVMovie
The Ressurection of the DaleksTVMovie
Planet of FireTVMovieThis was the second (first tradeable) episode I was able to record w/ my new VCR (now broken, see above) This means that the logo is back to the disappearing/reappering version.
The Caves of AndrozaniTVMovie

Colin Baker
Episode Name Source Format Notes
The Twin DilemmaTVMovie
The Attack of the CybermenTVMovie
Vengeance on VarosTVMovie
The Mark of the RaniTVMovie
The Two DoctorsTVEpisodic
Revelation of the DaleksTVMovieThey showed two episodes in one night without scheduling it! The only reason I have this episode at all is that I was staying up to watch Blake's 7. I missed about half the opening theme, but the rest is there.
The Mysterious PlanetTVMovieTrial of a Time Lord is split into its four stories in Movie format.
Terror of the VervoidsTVMovie
The Ultimate FoeTVMovie

Sylvester McCoy
Episode Name Source Format Notes
Time and the RaniTVMovieFor some reason, the story froze for about 20 seconds sometime early in the episode, so anyone who actually wants this story would have that to deal with.
Paradise TowersTVMovie
Delta and the BannermenTVMovie
Remembrance of the DaleksTVMovieMissing half the opening theme and not as good quality due to a different VCR.
The Happiness PatrolTVMovie
Silver NemesisTVMovie
The Greatest Show in the GalaxyTVMovie
Ghost LightBBC VideoEpisodicKSPS skipped this one, not sure why, so I had to buy it.
The Curse of FenricTVMovie

Paul McGann
Episode Name Source Format Notes
TV Movie: Enemy WithinTV (of course)Movie (again...)This story was one of the first things I traded for. It's got a little surprise tacked onto the end :-)

Other Programs
Episode Name Source Format Notes
I Was a Doctor Who MonsterTVRuntime: About 60 min (1996)Sylvester McCoy hosts this tribute to the monsters of Doctor Who and the actors who played them. Includes interviews with dozens of actors who recall their experience with costumes, and tell anecdotes about the various Doctors.
More Than 30 Years in the TardisBBC VideoRuntime: 87 min (1995)A summary of the show's history, complete with clips interviews, and television commercials.
Mythmakers: Colin Baker interviewTVRuntime: About 60 min (1989)Nicholas Briggs interview's the 6th Doctor on the site of the filming of "Mark of the Rani". Includes Baker's early acting, Doctor Who, the scandal involving his firing, and current projects.
Mythmakers: Who on Earth is Tom BakerTVRuntime: About 60 min (1989)Tom Baker acts as both Interviewer and subject, asking the tough questions that only he himself could think of. This is superb.
Reeltime: Return to Devils EndTVRuntime: About 60 min (1992)Nicholas Briggs talks to members of the cast of the 1971 story, "The Daemons". Includes Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney, John Levene, Richard Franklin, director Christopher Barry, and the thoughts of several locals.
The Hartnell YearsBBC VideoRuntime: about 90 minIncludes some background information as well as a few selected episodes from incomplete stories.
The Troughtin YearsBBC VideoRuntime: about 90 minSame as Hartnell Years
The Pertwee YearsBBC VideoRuntime: about 60 minHaven't had the chance to watch it yet. Don't Know. :-)
The Tom Baker YearsBBC VideoRuntime: 170 min (1992)Tom Baker introduces this documentary, watching clips from each of his stories and sharing his genuine thoughts and memories on each one in spontaneous fashion.
Curse of the Fatal DeathTV (PAL conversion)Runtime: 20 minRowan Atkinson stars as the Doctor in this short Doctor Who spoof story done as a skit for Comic relief. OK quality.
Doctor Who and the DaleksVideo transferRuntime: 80 min (1966)Peter Cushing stars in this made for the big screen remake of "The Daleks"
Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.Video transferRuntime: 80 min (1968?)Peter Cushing, this time in a remake of "The Dalek Invasion of Earth"
Resistance is UselessTVRuntime: 60 min (1989)Haven't watched it yet, so I don't know what it's like.

That's it for what I have. If you want any of these stories or productions, I would like to trade for any of the following:

The "anything in general" includes stories w/ missing episodes and reconstructions. These are of a lower priority than getting complete stories though. If you have anything else, I would like to get it on tape, even if they are only parts of stories.

If there's something that I should want to have that you think I've forgotten about, feel free to email me.

Blake's 7 Videos

I recently finished trading for all the episodes of this series. They are of varying quality, but I believe all but Spacefall are tradeable. For some Blake's 7 links, click here to visit my Blake's 7 page.

Blake's 7 Episodes
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
The Way BackRedemptionAftermathRescue
Space FallShadowPowerplayPower
Cygnus AlphaWeaponVolcanoTraitor
Time SquadHorizonDawn of the GodsStardrive
The WebPressure PointThe Harvest of KairosAnimals
Seek-Locate-DestroyTrialCity at the Edge of the WorldHeadhunter
Mission to Destiny>KillerChildren of AuronAssassin
DuelHostageRumors of DeathGames
Project AvalonCountdownSarcophagusSand
BreakdownVoice from the PastUltraworldGold
DeliveranceThe KeeperDeath-WatchWarlord
ORACStar OneTerminalBlake

Red Dwarf Videos

News: I now have every episode of this series through season 8. Thanks to those I traded with for getting me the episodes I was missing...you know who you are! Other things I have that are Red Dwarf related include: "Cant Smeg, Won't Smeg", the Smeg Ups Compilation, and Red Dwarf A-Z. I also have the original Smeg Ups and Smeg Outs, but these are not available for trade as they are official video releases.

As for the series itself, all episodes i do have are in good shape except for these problems:

Other British Comedy

I also tape several other British Shows. I will trade to complete any series on this list, especially if I can obtain the 50 minute Only Fools and Horses episodes.

The Black Adder
Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, and Hugh Laurie among others star in this historical comedy, my second favorite britcom behind Red Dwarf. News: I now have this entire series available for trade.

Breaking News (Frontline)
Not British but Australian, this is a show KSPS (PBS) recently began showing again after a successful run last year. It takes place on the set of a fictional current affairs program called Frontline. This show is witty and especially fun to watch because of the wonderfully unscrupulous nature of the producers and reporters all taking place right under the nose of the moral (but dense) host, Mike Moore. This program's real name is Frontline, but it was changed to Breaking News here in America because of a REAL current affairs program here of the same name. There have been 3 series of the show to date, but KSPS only showed the first two during the first couple of runthroughs. To date, this is all I have of this series and would be very interested in trading for the third series.

Brittas Empire
This one stars Chris Barrie as Gordon Brittas, the owner of a leisure center that has very few customers - - at least, that is, when it's still standing. I have copies of all but one and a half episodes of this series. The one I have half of is the first one with Gordon's brother in it which was 'joined in progress' in a rather impolite move by KSPS. The one I'm missing is in the second to last series; it's the one with the bungee jumping (if that means anything to you). This is a situation comedy in the purest sense.

This is my second favorite britcom (tied with Blackadder) behind Red Dwarf. It's about Gareth Blackstock, the finest chef in England, a fact which he is only too happy to point out (well maybe 'happy' isn't the word or indeed. . . well, if you've watched the show you know what I'm talking about). Anyway, I have every episode from each of the three series. If you've never seen this show, I'd reccomend you get ahold of some episodes!

Fawlty Towers
I'm sure everyone knows the plot of this one. All episodes available.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
This is the 1981 television adaptation of Douglas Adams' first two Hitchhiker's Trilogy books (there are actually FIVE books in the increasingly inaccurately named trilogy). I have all six episodes (thirty-five minutes apiece) and would gladly trade the entire series on two tapes (or one in LP mode) for a few Blake's 7 stories or a couple of Doctor Whos. This is a fun little Sci-Fi series, though the sound quality is rather poor in places (due to production, not recording) especially the scenes involving the The Greatest Computer Ever Built.

Mr. Bean
I've got all fourteen episodes of this, probably the most well known british comedy in america. Get these on tape even though they're only funny the first 50 or so times you watch them (that's quite a few actually). I also have The Bean Movie, Reflections of Mr. Bean, and The Bean File on tape.

Murder Most Horrid
In my opinion, this is Dawn French's best show. She plays a different character in each story, all of which involve a murder. She is either the murderer, the one trying to solve it, and sometimes even the victim! It's a funny show but can also be quite dramatic at times, and there's no laugh track to spoil the mood. KSPS ran through all three series a few times, but I never thought about taping them until the last time (which was interrupted in the middle when Doctor Who changed to Movie Format). I have the first series and all but the last one of the second and none of the third. I would actually be interested in copies of the episodes I don't have of this show, but I'm still holding out hope at this point that KSPS will run them again.

This creepy Sci-Fantasy mini-series stars Gary Bakewell (whom I recognized as Donald from the second series of 'Chef!') as a guy who's accidentally drawn into the mysterious world of London-underground. I almost didn't bother with it after the first episode, but I was glad I stuck with it in the end. After watching all six half-hours, I finally said "Oh! I get it now!". I can't say who would like this show because it's unlike anything I've ever seen before. It's almost like a fantasy novel for the small screen.

The Newsroom
This is actually a Canadian series but it deserves a special mention because of the absolutely brilliant hour-long final episode. I think it's one of the best pieces of television I've ever seen. This is dry, dark political humour at it's absolute best. As for the rest of the series, I think I have all three parts of "Meltdown" and another episode as well. You'll recognize the actor who plays Jim the news anchor from "The Red Green Show" where he plays Ranger Gord.

Only Fools and Horses
This is right up there with my favorite British comedy shows. It is so popular in Britain, but almost nobody has heard of it in the U.S. Every episode is superb, at least the ones I've seen. I have every half-hour episode from each of the first five series on tape, but the U.K. has not made the later 50-minute episodes, or the famous Christmas specials available for purchase yet. The characterization in this show is among the best I've ever seen. I even got a little teary-eyed during the original final episode. Note: some less talented U.S. viewers may not be able to work out what they're saying due to their London accents. Not for a first-time Britcom viewer! :-)

The Thin Blue Line
Rowan Atkinson stars in this short-lived but excellent police comedy set in the fictional town of Gasforth. This ranks right up there with Atkinson's best work, although it is really an ensemble cast. I believe I have every episode but one might be missing. If the subject ever comes up, I'll find out for sure.

Other Misc. Stuff

If you're interested in any of these shows, Doctor Who that I need for them or you could offer to fill in the gaps in this comedy collection. If you'd perfer, I'd be willing to trade several of these shows at once (in EP mode) on one tape for a Doctor Who in SP mode. If you perfer SP, though, I'd still like to trade based on equal time. I'd also be interested in filling in the gaps in the Robot Wars collection. I'm missing both the regular episode and semi-final episode with Cassius, which was my favorite bot in the series. When I decided to tape the series during its second runthrough on KSPS, KSPS decided to pull stunts such as scheduling episodes and not screening them and joining a few in progress as well. Very annoying. Anyway, email me to make a trade.

Other Traders

These are all the people I have traded with so far that have their own trading page. I know there are others... If you have traded with me and have your own trading page you'd like me to link to, just send me an email and I'll add it to this list.

Reuben Herfindahl's Trading Page
Edmund Kimmell's Trading Page
Trader's HQ

That's it. Email me to make a trade.
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