Dynamo Dog!

"Dynamo Dog drinks Lipton Tea!  What're you drinkin'?"

This page is still under construction, but I now have some stories posted.

My Dynamo Dog Stories
Story Description Chronological Placement
Dynamo Dog and the OobleckThis is the original Dynamo story which I wrote for class when I was merely in the 6th grade. Needless to say, I've had to update it slightly. I've changed some grammar and sentence structure but I've mostly tried to stay true to the original story. I did tweak the ending a bit, however. First story I wrote. . . first story for Dynamo
Dynamo Dog is DeleriousThis is the second Dynamo story I ever wrote all the way back when I was in 9th grade. My grammar had improved by then, so I didn't change anything. It kind of acts as a bridge to the longest story I have yet written (still unfinished) entitled, "Dynamo Dog Meets Mr. Wacky Man" which is currently at 25 pages with no end in sight. This is mostly just silliness as it was written in an attempt to fill as many pages of a free-write journal as possible. This is Dynamo's second adventure taking place directly after the first one and also the second one I wrote.
The Return of the OobleckThe Sequal to the original Dynamo adventure in which Dynamo battles a particularly nasty redesigned version of the gelatinous slime.To Dynamo: Who knows?, To Me: #8
Coming Attractions!This is a rather lame story about Dynamo Dog and why the Boston Pops never invite him to do a show anymore. It says "To Be Continued" at the end because all of them do, not because I plan to continue that storyline.This is probably the fifth one I wrote.
Dynamo the Physics StudThis is a story which I wrote for a Physics class last year. It was supposed to be a parody on a Socratean Dialouge. I thought it was rather good and so did the teacher. Because Dynamo has to be a little smarter than usual, he is ever so slightly out of character. This takes place hypothetically during another story which I have not finished yet called Dynamo Dog and the Washing Machine Dilemma. This one's about #6 for Dynamo, but #7 for me.

That's all I have finished so far, but I have tons of works in progress. I have the bad habit of starting a new story before I finish an old one. Must try to stop that.

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