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Welcome to my page of Jim Stories. This is a series of 212 (Why 212, you ask? Click here for an answer.) word stories (except for "Jim and the Culmunation of His Fears") that I have written. These were intentionally written in a somewhat childlike style for reason that I thought it might be funnier that way. Most of my friends seem to like them so I thought I'd post them here and let you be the judge. Click on the stories below that are listed in chronological order. If Jim isn't your thing, check out my Dynamo Dog Stories for some zany space comedy!

Jim and the Tape

Jim and the Chalk

Jim and the Pen

Jim and the School Supplies Aisle

Jim and the Sock

Jim and the Soda

Jim and the Toaster

Jim and the Culmunation of His Fears

Jim and the Can Opener

Jim and the Washing Machine

Jim and the Cassette Player

Jim and the Electronics Store

Jim and the Shoelace

Jim and the Bicycle

Jim and the Lawnmower

Jim and the Recycling Center

If I continue to have good ideas for these, I might try to write 212 of them. Unfortunately, I probably don't have that much time to waste. If I am going to write 212 of them, I'm going to have to come up with as many things to injure Jim. Email me with any suggestions for a Jim Story idea, or alternatively you could write one yourself and send it in. Anything you send in will be posted on this page unless the language or content is unacceptable. You will of course be credited for any submissions. Remember, a Jim story must be 212 words long, and end with Jim "....screaming and _____ and _____ and screaming....". I'd be interested to see what people come up with.

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