I'm conducting an episode poll, the results from which will be continually updated on this site. Vote for your top TEN stories. An episode recieving a first place vote is awarded 10 points and a second place vote is worth 9 points and so on. News: I now have enough responses to tally the current results and have placed them at the bottom of this page. It reflects the opinions of 18 voters so far (including myself) and is therefore sure to change frequently. Anyone who submitted a vote recently should re-submit as I have replaced my email address with a useable one

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Since the last update, longtime frontrunner Rememberance of the Daleks has been pushed from the top position! The whole list experienced quite a shuffle actually.

Current Top Ten

  1. City of Death
  2. Genesis of the Daleks
  3. Remembrance of the Daleks
  4. Caves of Androzani
  5. Pyramids of Mars
  6. Talons of Weng-Chiang
  7. Tomb of the Cybermen
  8. Curse of Fenric
  9. Logopolis
  10. Ark In Space

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