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Jim and the Bicycle

         Jim was walking down the street when he decided to go read a book. Jim got on his bicycle to ride over to the library and pick out a book to read. Jim turned onto the hill leading to the library and began to coast down. Unfortunately, the brakes on Jim's bike decided not to work. Jim put his feet down to try and stop the speeding bicycle, finally stopping right before the library. However, the pavement had burnt through all the rubber in his shoes and set his feet on fire. Yelping with pain, Jim hopped quickly over to the fountain in front of the library and threw himself in. With the fire put out, the burnt, soaked, and dejected Jim trudged into the library.
         When Jim was in the library, he looked around for a book, but he couldn't find the right one. He went to ask the lady for his book, but the lady screamed when she saw him and a man came and threw him out of the library. Outside, Jim stood up and burned his tender feet on the hot pavement. Then Jim ran around screaming and hopping and hopping and screaming until he fainted, tripping over his bicycle and into the fountain.

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