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Jim and the Cassette Player

         Jim was walking in his home in a very good mood. This was probably the best mood that Jim had been in for a long time. So, being in such a good mood, Jim decided to listen to some music. Jim searched through his tapes until he finally came to his favorite one. Jim took the tape and went over to his cassette player.
         Jim put the tape in and tried to close the door but it would not latch. He pushed it in again and again the door came back open. Trying hard to keep calm, Jim pulled off several feet of duct tape and sealed the door shut. Jim pushed play and the button came back up. Jim realized that the tape was at the end so he pushed rewind and waited patiently. Then Jim heard a strange sound and realized that the tape was coming apart. Jim tore frantically at the duct tape trying to rescue is favorite cassette. Finally he got it all off and pulled the tape out. He tried to wind it back up but he only succeeded in entangling himself in it. Then Jim ran around screaming and tripping and tripping and screaming until he fainted, his good mood ruined.

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