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Jim and the Electronics Store

         Jim was stomping toward the store in a very sorry state. His broken cassette player in hand, he grumbled about the poor quality and the fact that it had ruined his favorite tape. Finally arriving at the store, Jim stepped inside and slowly surveyed the scene. Then Jim spotted the person who had sold him the cassette player.
         Jim went up to the man and told him what happened to his tape. The man said he was sorry and did Jim have a receipt. Jim got out his thick wallet and flipped through all his receipts, coupons, bank statements, club cards and photographs but it was nowhere to be found. Jim was sure it was there and began to look again when the seams on his wallet burst, showering the entire store with hundreds of bits of paper. Now further enraged, Jim began to race about the store, throwing down various pieces of equipment and looking behind them. Then the manager called security and they came and told Jim to come with them. Then Jim ran around screaming and cursing and cursing and screaming until he fainted. When he woke up, Jim had to pay a fine that was more than he spent on the cassette player.

Jim and the Cassette Player Jim and the Shoelace

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