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Jim and the Pen

         Jim was skipping down the path, trying to think of something very profound to write. When Jim finally found something to write about, he realized that his pencil was too dull. He went over to the pencil sharpener and sharpened his pencil. However, Jim's pencil refused to get sharp and Jim ended up sharpening it down to a useless stub.
         Now Jim had nothing to write with and he had to write down his profound thoughts. He left and searched the ground for another pencil. All of a sudden, something caught his eye. He went over and picked up the pen. Jim was very thorough, so he decided to make sure it had enough ink in it. He closed one eye and peered into the tip with the other. The pen squirted a bunch of ink into his eye. "Eeow!" said Jim. Then the pen fell apart and sent a wave of ink all down the road. The wave, with Jim on top of it, smashed into the building. Jim went under and got big gulps of ink. Then he ran around screaming and hurling and hurling and screaming until he fainted and all the ink dried up. When Jim woke up, he had forgotten his profound thought.

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