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Jim and the Sock

         One afternoon, Jim was walking down the hall looking for a spider. Jim had seen a spider crawling along the floor and, not liking spiders, Jim wanted to hit it with a rolled up newspaper. Not being able to find a newspaper to roll up, Jim decided that he had better find the spider again first. Jim got down onto his stomach and crawled along the floor, peering in both directions and looking at all the cracks in the wall.
         At the end of the hall, Jim saw a dirty sock. Jim decided to pick up the sock so he could hit the spider with it when he found it. Sticking his head quickly but cautiously into the next room, Jim looked for the spider. Jim held the sock high above his head which turned out not to be a very good idea because the spider was inside it. The spider fell down onto Jim's nose which made Jim scream and throw the sock into the air. The sock landed in Jim's mouth and he accidentally swallowed it. Then Jim ran around screaming and choking and choking and screaming until he fainted onto the floor, the spider crawling over his face and into a crack in the wall.

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